Samsung Dryer Heating Element Replacement

If the heating element in an electric Samsung dryer is bad or defective it can cause the dryer to not heat at all or take too long to dry the laundry. If the coils on the heating element are broken in any spot, then the heating element would need to be replaced. If it doesn’t appear that the coil is broken, then you can check the heating element for continuity with an ohm meter to see if it is good or not.

Follow these simple steps to replace the heating element in your Samsung dryer:

**Always make sure to unplug the appliance before doing any repairs**

  • Remove the screws at the back of the dryer securing the top panel
  • Slide the panel back and lift it off
  • Carefully pull the control panel off from the top, disconnect the wire harness and set the panel aside
  • Remove the screws on top securing the front panel
  • Open the front door and remove the 2 front panel screws
  • Using a flat head screwdriver, depress the locking tabs on top and pull the front panel forward
  • Disconnect the door switch wire and lift the panel off
  • Disconnect the moisture sensor wire harness and move it out of the way
  • Remove the screws securing the heating element housing and detach the housing from the mounting bracket
  • Remove the screws securing the mounting bracket to the base so you can move the bracket out of the way
  • Pull the heating element housing out of the cabinet
  • Disconnect the wires from the heating element
  • Remove the screws from the high-limit thermostat and thermal limit from the housing
  • Remove the screws securing the 2 halves of the housing
  • Bend the retaining tab up with pliers and separate the halves
  • Use pliers to straighten the wire terminal locking tabs and pull the terminals and heating element free of the housing
  • Install the new element into the housing and insert the terminals into the terminal block
  • Bend the terminal tabs to secure
  • Rejoin the two halves of the heating element housing and bend down the tab to secure
  • Reinstall the screws securing the two halves

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