Replacing the Drive Belt on a Toro Snowblower

The drive belt is one of the most common parts to replace on a Toro snowblower. The belt will often wear out or break from the excess use of the snowblower during the winter months. Follow the instructions below to replace the drive belt on your Toro snowblower.

Toro Snowblower Belt


**Remove the start key from the ignition before doing any repairs to the snowblower**

  • Remove the mounting screws securing the belt cover and pull the cover off
  • Push the idler arm down to free the belt from the brake and auger pulley, if the belt is still intact
  • Loop the new belt on the engine pulley and under the idler pulley
  • Push the idler arm down and loop the belt under the brake and around the auger pulley
  • Make sure the new belt is seated properly
  • Replace the belt cover and install the mounting screws


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