LG Washing Machine Door Boot Seal Replacement

Follow these simple instructions to replace the door boot seal on a front-loading LG or Kenmore (model prefix 796.) washing machine:

**Unplug the appliance from the electrical outlet before doing any repairs**

  • Remove the clamp from the door boot seal using a flat head screwdriver
  • Peel the boot seal off of the lip of the front panel and push it back out of the way
  • Disconnect the wire connector from the door latch by depressing the tab
  • Shut the door
  • Open the pump filter cover at the bottom of the front panel and unclip the drainage tube
  • Remove the screw inside the filter housing and pull out the housing
  • Remove the lower front panel screw
  • Remove the screws at the rear of the main top
  • Slide the maintop back about an 1″ and remove it
  • Pull out the dispenser door and depress the locking tab to remove the drawer
  • Remove the control panel mounting screws in the front and the rear
  • Detach the control panel mounting tabs from left to right to remove the control panel
  • Remove the upper front panel mounting screws
  • Life the front panel up and out to remove it
  • Use pliers to loosen the clamp securing the boot seal drain port to the drain tube and pull it off
  • Use a screwdriver to remove the tub boot clamp
  • Peel the boot seal off of the outer tub
  • Lubricate the groove in the new boot seal with liquid dishsoap
  • With the indicator on the seal pointing upward, push the boot seal’s grooved edge over the lip of the tub


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