LG Washing Machine Disassembly

If you are wanting to get inside your LG washing machine to see what may be wrong with it before you buy any parts, follow these easy instructions so that you don’t accidentally break something (which can cause you more $$!)

**Make sure to unplug the appliance before doing any repairs or maintenance**

To gain access to the top of the cabinet:

  • Remove the screws at the top rear of the washing machine
  • Slide the top panel back about 1″ and lift up to remove it

To gain access to the rear of the cabinet:

  • Remove the mounting screws holding the back panel on
  • Pull the back panel up and out

To remove the front panel:

  • Open the door and use a flat head screwdriver or a spring expansion tool to remove the clamp from the door boot seal
  • Peel the boot seal off the lip of the front panel and move it out of the way
  • Depress the tab to release the wire connector for the door latch (on the inside of the panel)
  • Open the door filter cover and unclip the drainage tube
  • Remove the filter housing mounting screw and pull out the housing
  • Remove the lower front panel mounting screw (located behind the filter housing)
  • Remove the main top (see instructions above)
  • Remove the laundry detergent drawer by depressing the locking tab
  • Remove the control panel mounting screws (behind the detergent drawer)
  • Remove the rear control panel mounting screws
  • Moving from left to right, detach the control panel mounting tabs and move the panel up and out of the way
  • Remove the upper front panel mounting screws
  • Lift the front panel up and out

You know have full access to all of the internal parts of your LG washing machine. Watch this video to view the steps above:


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