Drain Pump Replacement on Frigidaire Top Load Washer

If you top load Frigidaire washing machine is not draining properly or is leaking it may be due to a bad drain pump. If you have determined the drain pump needs replacing, follow these simple steps to get your washer running like new again:

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Frigidaire Drain Pump

**Make sure to unplug the washing machine before doing any repairs**

  • Secure the lid with tape
  • Insert a putty knife underneath the maintop and cabinet to release the two spring clips
  • Lift up the maintop and support it
  • Remove the mounting screws at the bottom of the front panel
  • Push the panel down and pull it away from the cabinet
  • Disconnect the wire harness from the drain pump and unhook the wires from the retaining clip
  • Release the clamps securing the inlet and drain hoses from the pump and pull the hoses off
  • Remove the mounting screws securing the pump to the base and pull the pump out
  • Replace with new pump
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